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Kata Biblon (κατα βιβλον) means according to the book. The purpose of Kata Biblon is to facilitate the study of the New Testament in its original language.

Interlinear Greek New Testament and Septuagint

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Editable Translations

The Wiki English Translation (WET) is a user-editable translation that anyone can edit. (A wiki is a website which enables users to add and edit the site's content.)


Editable Lexicon

The Wiki Lexicon is a user-editable dictionary and concordance of the Greek New Testament. The concordance lists all occurrences of a word in both the GNT and LXX.



The text of the Greek New Testament is the public domain Robinson-Pierpont Byzantine Textform 2005* with NA27/UBS4 variants (excluding differences in punctuation and capitalization). The text of the Septuagint is the CATSS Rahlfs Septuaginta (University of Pennsylvania Computer Assisted Tools for Septuagint/Scriptural Study Project). The text of the Hebrew Bible is the Westminster Leningrad Codex. The baseline for the Wiki English Translation is the public domain World English Bible (WEB), based on the 1901 American Standard Version (ASV). The baseline for the Wiki Latin Translation is the public domain Vulgata Clementina.

Kata Biblon modifications to the Robinson-Pierpont text are made explicit in red lettering within either the main text or the variant apparatus. (1) In Mark 16:8, the Shorter Ending of Mark has been inserted. (2) In John 7:53-8:11, the μ6 reading of the Pericope Adulterae, which in the print edition is set off separately from the preferred μ5 reading in the main text, is merged into the μ5 reading. (3) In Acts 24:6b-8a, the alternate Byzantine reading which in print is set off separately from the preferred reading in the main text, is inserted within double brackets. (4) In Romans 16:25-27, the Doxology is inserted where it appears in NA27/UBS4, in addition to Romans 14:24-25 where it appears in RP2005. (5) Nomina Sacra and Milesian numerals in Revelation which in the print edition appear as marginal notes are inserted into the main text between brackets (e.g., δαδ in Revelation 3:7 and χξϛ in Revelation 13:18). (6) In Mark 9:38, Acts 17:27, and Romans 16:23, corrections to the apparatus per the published errata are specifically identified as [ERRATA]. (7) Variant book titles for Matthew and Colossians have been added. (8) Insertion of some punctuation into, and a few cases of disambiguation of, the apparatus were necessary for system processing.

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